The end of AMP6 hailed the completion of a 15-year programme to bring all operational assets within the Water Sector up to a baseline standard of security. Most but not all Water Undertakers achieved this upgrade while a small number have continued to complete their programme into AMP7 under continued monitoring and policing by DEFRA.

For many undertakers, SEMD in AMP7 concentrates on the security maintenance of existing assets and ensuring that all new schemes have the Water UK Security Standards imbedded in them, as directed by Defra’s Protective Security Standards (PSG).

In compliance with Defra’s PSG Security Standards, AQT Global have worked with a number of clients developing a risk-based assessment tool to ensure that the levels of security applied to projects are both appropriate and proportionate whilst ensuring a solid Operation Requirement (OR) inline with security guidance provided by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). AQT believe this pragmatic and innovative approach built upon our vast experience of delivering SEMD schemes over the last 15 years, offers clients a risk-based option for protecting their assets, affording full regulatory compliance using best engineering solutions and least cost. Defra have viewed this assessment tool and stated that “it is an approach we would support”.

From April 2022, the policing and auditing of these standards will be transferred from Defra to its extended arm The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI). It is anticipated that the DWI will police and audit undertakers in a similar way to which it does for water quality compliance. It is also thought that the industry will be charged for the DWI governance but no exact details have yet been confirmed.

SEMD security and regulatory compliance training

In preparation for the transfer of responsibility to the DWI, AQT Global are looking to work with clients in offering a free training event for Asset and Engineering Departments within organisation to ensure they are best placed for the new overseeing of SEMD Security and regulatory compliance.

Should you be interested in taking up this training opportunity, our Governance Team would be delighted to hear directly from you.